Bounce Update

Here is a compilation of a few physics demos using Bounce physics engine. It’s possible to visualize in these demos state-of-the art solutions for rigid body dynamics for games and interactive applications. In particular large block solvers and one-shot persistent contact manifolds. The camera controls are the same as in Maya, and continuous collision is disabled.

5 thoughts on “Bounce Update

  1. Hi Irlan,

    You have improved the quality of your website and posts a lot since I last passed here (: !

    What friction model have you implemented in the demo? The friction results look pretty good !!

    • Hi Nathanael,

      I’ve implemented Coulomb friction and incorporated into a Sequential Impulse (or Projected-Gauss-Seidel) constraint solver.

      The friction results are indeed very good but the way the model is implemented is a little computationally expensive because there are two tangent constraints per contact point, and I block solve them as a 2×2 linear system. Therefore now I’m using central friction (two tangents + one twist), which is well known in the literature. Google “central friction” and you’ll receive many hits.

    • Hi Donald,

      I set up a 5×5 linear system (one point-to-point constraint and two orthogonal conditions) for the constraint impulses and solve it using Gaussian Elimination. One may call this a Gauss-Seidel block solver iirc.


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